Moving can prove to be a major task, especially when the snow begins to fall. This winter, be sure to take steps to plan ahead, and rely on a few of our safety tips below to enjoy a safe and productive move.

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Prepare the Pathway

Colorado’s unpredictable weather can make conditions hazardous for unprepared families. Be sure to keep an eye on the weather in the days leading up to your move, and bring the equipment needed to keep your pathway clear. Ice melt, snow shovels, and other devices can help to eliminate any hazards along the way. Stairways, doorways, sidewalks, and parking spots should all be checked and cleared before you start loading up boxes. Individuals moving into our out of apartment buildings should plan on notifying landlords and neighbors of their plans to avoid any mishaps.

Be Prepared in Case of Injury

While nobody plans on sustaining an injury, it’s better to be prepared in the event that something goes wrong. The statistics are worrisome when it comes to injuries sustained while packing and moving, which is why we recommend having a first aid kit handy. If a friend or family member gets hurt, your response kit will likely be packed away in the bottom of a box. We recommend placing this kit in the back of your vehicle or in the cab of your truck throughout the process.

Rely on Teamwork for Heavy Objects

Team lifts are a proven way to make life easier throughout the moving process. Independent residents may elect to take on the task alone, but keep in mind that this greatly increases the chances of injury or damage to property. Splitting a heavy object between two individuals will lighten the load and allow for teamwork to make navigating tight spaces easier. Be sure to communicate your plans clearly as you go, and don’t hesitate to call out if you’re tired or your grip is slipping. There’s no over-communication when it comes to moving, so be sure to chat it up!

Deploy Assistive Devices Where Possible

Now may be a good time to get in your workout, but don’t forget to rely on moving equipment whenever you can. Dollies, for example, make the process of transporting heavy items easier. With the proper technique, you can navigate tight spaces with furniture, tools, and other heavy possessions. If you own a dolly, now is the perfect time to get your money’s worth, or if you need one, a rental can prove both affordable and effective. Flat carts, shoulder straps, and other equipment can also help to reduce the strain of moving.

Don’t Forget to Lift With Your Legs!

While everyone hears this on a regular basis, the importance of putting the strain of moving on your legs will help to prevent serious discomfort later on. In the midst of moving, it can be easy to forget the proper technique, hunching over and swooping up a heavy box. This can lead to back strain, which may bring your packing and moving process to a grinding halt!

When lifting heavy objects, keep your back straight and bend with your knees. Continue to maintain a straight spine as you lift, standing up straight while engaging your leg muscles. Over time, this process may tire out your legs, but that’s much better compared to dealing with a sore back!

Find a Safe Place for Pets and Children

As much as kids love to help, packing and moving heavy boxes is not a suitable task. There may be a lot of commotion going on in your home, which is why we recommend finding a suitable activity or area for the little ones to roam free. The same can be applied to pets. Animals that scurry underfoot can present considerable danger for both parties, which is why it’s recommended to be safe and plan on employing a caregiver.

Don’t Overpack Boxes

Many of us are guilty of trying to be Tetris masters when it comes to moving, minimizing the number of boxes by loading each one to the max. Maximizing your box load can cause considerable strain while moving, and may also lead to a failure of the cardboard is not suited for the task. It can help to spread out heavy items (such as books) across multiple boxes to cut down on the weight per trip.

Rely on a Professional Moving Company

One of the best ways to keep you and your family safe this winter is to hire reputable movers to get the job done. A full-service moving company is trained to do this on a daily basis, ensuring that your property will be delivered in the same condition in which it was packed.

Conroy Moving & Storage is here to provide complete peace of mind every step of the way. Our professional movers know how to lift heavy items and navigate tight spaces, eliminating the dangers you may face when doing it on your own. We’re also insured in case anything goes awry.

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Proper preparations can help to keep everyone safe this season. These are just a few tips that may prove useful as you’re planning your move. If you’re ready to rely on the safest and most effective moving company in Steamboat Springs, be sure to contact us online for complete assistance!