Summertime is here, and if you’re like most Coloradans, you love taking in the full majesty of the outdoors. It’s fun to soak up the sunshine during these months, as our state hosts more than 300 sunny days annually (take that, Miami and San Diego!). However, if you plan on moving your residence during the hotter months, it’s important to plan ahead to create the safest and most comfortable outcome possible.

Since 1977, Conroy Moving & Storage has served as your trusted moving company in Steamboat Springs and across the nation, delivering top-rated packing, loading, moving, and storage services. We know how the weather can change in an instant, and will plan accordingly to deliver your valuables in the safest manner possible.

If you’re planning on making the move this summer, keep reading for a few of our top tips to make life easier. Are you looking for a full-service moving company to smooth out the process? Contact us now for a free quote!

Beat the Heat

They say the early bird gets the worm, but what about the movers? Professional movers will recommend starting your move as early as possible to get the job done efficiently and avoid as much direct sunlight as possible. Moving into Steamboat Springs will likely provide you with cooler temperatures compared to much of Colorado, but keep in mind that our state can bring the full arsenal of weather.

Starting your move at 6 a.m. will provide temperatures in the 50s and 60s, whereas the same project at 1 p.m. may see temps in the high 80s and low 90s. There are many reasons why starting early is recommended, so be sure to call your Steamboat Springs moving company to find a time that benefits everyone!

Stay Hydrated

While almost everyone is tired of the solve-all advice associated with drinking plenty of water, it’s important to remember that you will be moving a lot of products in the heat, generating a lot of sweat. Anyone not drinking enough throughout this process will begin to notice the undesirable and unhealthy effects of dehydration. Drink up, and stay alert for any signs of trouble!

Life can be much better if you plan ahead and stock up on H2O. Our moving and storage team recommends stocking up on a case of bottled water for everyone, or fill up a water jug for the team to share.

Utilize Sun Protection

Sitting at just over 6,700 feet, Steamboat Springs is closer to the sun than many people realize. Even without the powder, you can still find yourself looking extra-red if the proper precautions aren’t taken. The simplest way to keep the sun’s harmful rays away is to utilize sunscreen, preferably a product with an SPF of at least 30. Follow the directions on the bottle, and be sure everyone on your team is properly covered!

The clothing you wear on moving day can also play a role in your success. We recommend relying on lightweight, breathable fabrics to keep you cool every step of the way. Light-colored cottons can deflect a lot of the sunlight. We also suggest wearing sunglasses and a hat to keep you safe from the sun.

Prep the New Place

If your new home has an AC unit, then we suggest getting the utilities turned on in advance. This will help to prepare the new space, dramatically lowering the temperature to help you and your team feel cool and refreshed once you enter the building. Regulating the temperature will enable to cool everyone down, providing a nice break from the heat. You’ll enjoy the difference, and your movers will thank you, too!

If the air conditioning is a no-go, we recommend deploying other cool-down techniques to make life more comfortable. Fans come in all shapes and sizes and can be brought over beforehand to circulate the air and provide some cooling benefits. You can place your fans at key points to maximize the airflow. Now may be the perfect time to plan on other cooling methods, including ice-cold towels to keep everyone cool through the hottest temps.

Be Wary of Heat-Sensitive Items

Hiring professional moving services can provide serious peace of mind, but what about those items that are more sensitive to high heats? Sensitive electronics, older photographs, and vinyl records can all begin to break down in hotter temperatures, so be sure to pack these items separately for a trip in the back of your vehicle. This allows you to keep track of your sensitive products and can also allow you to bring them into the new home right away.

Hire Affordable Steamboat Movers

Want to stay cool under pressure this summer? You can hire professional movers to take care of all of the logistics and heavy lifting, allowing you to focus on a variety of other tasks. Conroy Moving & Storage is proud to be Steamboat Springs’ trusted moving company, providing complete services to help residents start the next chapter in their lives. Our full-service movers can work with you to create an ideal outcome for your project, whether you’re new in town, moving across Colorado, or taking on a national endeavor.

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